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Contact Us

If you are interested in buying a Merens or would like to come and meet ours, please contact us by email below

or telephone me, Angie on 01208 850460


If you are the owner of a Cheval de Merens already, I would be grateful if you would contact me as I’m trying to establish the number of Merens in the UK.

Also I’m hoping that one day when there are enough of us we can get together for a Merens weekend down in Cornwall - as we have plenty of space and great out riding. Currently I estimate there are only about 25-35 in the country!

Useful Links - the breed society website which has lots of useful information - is a website for a photographer who has lots of great photos of Merens in                                                     the mountains - the website for a Merens breeder - another breeder - a breeder

Yves and Ghislaine Rauzy - Elevage du Ker - via SHERPA