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The Leisure Label

This certified test set up and run by the Les Haras Nationaux and SHERPA Merens was introduced for and has successfully promoted the Merens Breed.  The Leisure Label ensures that the horses are suitable to be used as a leisure horse, will load without problems and be a competent all round unspooky ride.


Held at a local riding centre or show, it comprises  three parts, judged by a representative from the Les Haras Nationaux , SHERPA and a qualified vet. When passed the horse will have it’s passport stamped with the pass.  I have long thought that it would be great if the BHS could introduce something similar in this country, for all riding horses.


Basically the test is as follows:


The horse must be ridden without spurs or whip.  There are 3 different pass standards.


Section 1

The horse must appear to be sound physically and relaxed









To get an idea and see the Leisure Label being completed, try typing in Label Loisir Merens into YouTube.



Section 2

A course of various obstacles to which may include the following:

Section 3

A course of sensory obstacles for instance: